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Muay Boran is the name given to the traditional practice of Thai boxing. This generic term does not refer to a particular style of boxing (Muay). "Muay" means "boxing" and "boran" means "old". Usually, the muay boran is practiced without the use of (modern) European boxing gloves. It consists of various soft and hard traditional Thai fighting styles.

The Pencak Silat: Indonesian martial art, favors, in its traditional form, a very low postural work, in the form of dance concealing very effective martial techniques. And in modern forms, it relies on a self-defense work on lightning responses and rapid finalization of actions.
(source: www.ffkarate.fr)

The Kali Eskrima: Indonesian martial art, favors work with weapons (stick, knife, sword) including techniques with bare hands. it does not require any special physical condition for all, regardless of age.
(source: www.ffkarate.fr)

Kyusho Jitsu is the modern version of Dim Mak, Kyusho Jitsu is the study of vulnerable areas of the human body,
It is based on the concepts of Chinese Medicine and allows the help of typing or pressure on acupuncture points to be more effective in its practice.
Kyusho Jitsu is not a discipline in itself, it is considered a very good complement, a great value added to the practice of martial arts.
But practiced out of context of a Martial Art, it is also a formidable and very effective form of self defense.
(source and Reference: www.kyusho-france.fr)


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