The WMC is the supreme regulatory authority of Thai boxing, both in Thailand and around the world. It is a democratic organisation that holds elections every four years.

Constituted by the Government and recognised by the Thai sports authority
Implemented by a parliamentary resolution, the WMC is constituted by the Government and recognised by the Thai sports authority, in collaboration with the highest sports authorities of all Member States to regulate all aspects of the Muay Thai art and sport.

120 member countries promote excellence in the art of Muay Thai
Inaugurated in 1995 with 39 member countries, the WMC is currently composed of 120 countries.
The Council’s main objective is to maintain and promote excellence in the art of Muaythai, mainly as a form of cultural art, as well as self-defence and a popular ring sport. Under these objectives, the WMC follows the governmental guidelines for regulating all Muay Thai competitions in the world, in conformity with the government-approved statutes.

The leaders of the WMC
The Honorary President is S.E. General Pichitr Kullavanijaya, Privy Councillor to His Majesty the King of Thailand.
The President, General Chetta Thanajaro was the first defence minister, the first commander of the Royal Thai Army, and the Honorary President of the Olympic Committee of Thailand.

The Council and the Executive Committees are composed of highly respected personalities selected from more than 80 countries worldwide. Among others, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Chairman of the Sports Council in Seoul, and the mayor of Odessa are members. The first governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand, Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan is the Secretary General and a Muaythai personality. Stephan Fox is the Vice President and International Coordinator.

Close links of the WMC with the IFMA
The WMC has close links with the International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur (IFMA), which was created to make Muay Thai an Olympic sport. In order to enable professional and amateur structures to work together, many WMC officials also occupy different positions within the IFMA.
The WMC and IFMA, with their members, work to build a solid foundation for our sport, as the slogan says—”one world – one Muay Thai. “